Im going into the air force as security forces what are my chances of going to iraq or afghanistan?

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just wondering, im not affraid cause ill prob voluteer if i can




  1. Your  chances are fairly high in that job field my friend. Sounds like you want to go, considering you want to volunteer, more power to you my friend.

  2. Unfortunately, Baller is wrong now. I see he was Air Force retired, and he was right as of a few years ago, but Security Forces are now considered enablers. They do not have a predefined AEF cycle. Once you go through tech training, you will get to your first base. You will go to FTAC or a "New to the base kind of deal". Most security forces do not even have a chance to finish this 2 week course before they are deployed. I have been in for 2 years, most security forces who arrived on base with me, have already deployed twice and are getting ready for their third. You really won't even have a chance to volunteer. As soon as you raise your hand at MEPS, they already have you scheduled to deploy lol.

  3. No one here knows. We don't work in AF personnel assignments. It will depend on your unit and when they go or if you get sent as an individual replacement. You might end up in North Dakota guarding missile silos for 3 years in Minot AFB instead. Volunteering is a good thing to do.  

  4. Not much,

    maybe, oh

    say, I guess

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  5. Astronomically high.

  6. Once you finish Basic Training and Technical Training School and get your assignment to your permanent duty station. Find out whats you squadron AEF cycle is and that will determine when you will get deployed....Chances are you'll be going to Iraq within the next 2 years

  7. 100%

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