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is it true that the air force will have infantry now? I heard that they will start fighting in the war is this true?




  1. No. The Airforce medics and SPs do serve on the front lines, though.  

  2. NOT A CHANCE, we got army and marines for that, if we need more of em then the army and the marines can fill em.

  3. While we dont have infantry in the airforce, I think people would be very surprised by what some airforce members are doing in Iraq.

    Starters I have deployed to Iraq as a convoy gunner. I have deployed with the Army 82nd. And I am now awaiting my chance to go to airborne school. And I am in a construction job in the airforce.

    While the Army and Marines are known for the ones doing the shooting, people need to realize the airforce is riding in the same hummvvs and LMTVs and running the same MSRs.

  4. We are filling in positions in the Army that have holes, either due to fewer personnel or the personnel they have being overtaxed. This includes security forces, medics, doctors, engineers, and other career fields. However, we do have &#039;infantry&#039; in the form of AF special forces, but these have always been deployable.

    Today&#039;s grunt is a highly specialized professional soldier. You don&#039;t want any AF personnel doing their job any more than you want a grunt doing avionics or repairing a plane. They each have their area of expertise. The personnel being sent over to pick up the slack are the personnel who&#039;s jobs overlap with jobs in the Army.

  5. hahah no...and here is how i know. See, im prior service marine corps, got out 3 months ago, not even...i am looking at going into air force, conversation goes like this &quot;i want to go into air force perhaps.....what was your MOS (jobs) in the marines....infantry machinegunner......we dont have those, sorry your job doesnt transfer over. :) does that answer your question

  6. Im in the af and have not heard anything about it.

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