Andre Villas-Boas claims Fernando Torres investigation is over after win over Bayer Leverkusen

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Andre Villas-Boas claims investigation is over after win over Bayer Leverkusen
Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas said there was no issue with striker Fernando Torres after the strikers’ comments about his teammates as the Blues won their opening game of the UEFA Champions League 2-0 against German side Bayer Leverkusen.
Last week, the former forward apparently claimed that the London club had players who were “old” and “slow” and it was because of them he couldn’t score. In the translated interview, Torres said this was the reason why he was glad to welcome Juan
Mata to Chelsea and felt he was a crucial signing for the club.
After leaving Torres out against Sunderland in the English Premier League last weekend, the Portuguese manager started with the 27-year-old last night. Even though he did not score a goal, Torres put in a brilliant performance; setting up both the goals
for his side.
Villas-Boas revealed he had spoken to the player regarding he interview and now considered the matter closed. The former boss said he had warned Torres not to speak to media about issues relating to the club if the translation was not reliable.
Villas-Boas said in the post-match interview:
“We had a chat and the situation is solved. The investigation is over.”
The Blues manager said the team had put the matter behind him, which was displayed perfectly by their performance at Stamford Bridge against the Bundesliga side. He was certain such an issue would not arise again, but said it was his as the manager to
handle it if it did.
He continued:
“You saw the player involved and he put in a good collective performance, like the team did.
Hopefully these things won't arise in the group again. If they do, it will be the manager who has to resolve it.”
Villas-Boas, who made significant changes to the team that faced Bayer Leverkusen in midweek, refused to comment on whether the same players would be facing Premier League champions Manchester United over the weekend when travel to Old Trafford.
Chelsea captain and Juan Mata made up the attacking line-up.
Villas-Boas admitted he was extremely pleased with his side’s performance against the German outfit, but said it was important to keep everyone on their toes. His rotation policy, which he has been exercising ever since taking charge, is aimed at keeping
the players motivated and at their best.
He said:
“It's just fairness compared to the amount of talent that we have at our disposal.
It would be a mistake for me not to try and keep everybody motivated. That's the task of any manager.
I don't see any braveness in it. I'm sure the players have not suffered from it as a result in the past.”



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