Manager Charlie Manuel unhappy as Philadelphia Phillies drop series to Houston Astros – MLB News

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Manager Charlie Manuel unhappy as Philadelphia Phillies drop series to Houston Astros – MLB News

Philadelphia Phillies’ manager Charlie Manuel expressed sheer disappointment after his team’s 2-5 loss to the lowest-ranked Houston Astros on Tuesday, September 13 at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.
This was their second-consecutive loss in the three-game series and the timing of this performance has just not been appropriate. Manuel said that at this time of the season, the Phillies should be playing their best baseball to warn their competitors of
the tough competition that awaits them in the postseason. However, the Phillies dropped their chance to officially book their berth for the postseason, requiring just one game to achieve the feat and failing twice in the attempt.
Manuel was utterly let down by his team’s lacklustre showing and said, "We talk all year long about where we want to go, and that's to the World Series and win it. We're sitting in a (heck) of a position, and when we come out and play kind of sloppy and
we don't have a lot of life and stuff like that, we have to play better than that."   
The Phillies had outperformed almost every team on the circuit to stamp their authority as the best-team this season but a late dip in form just when it matters the most is not a healthy sign for the team confidence. They are certain to bag that win sooner
or later, but losses against the Astros are more alarming than any other thing.
This is the first time since the first week of June that the Phillies have dropped games in succession and are struggling to get their act right. They sport a sturdy pitching rotation and seeing Cole Hamels being hammered was surely not a good sight for
Philadelphia’s manager was also not satisfied with the two errors committed by the fielders. However, he said that making physical mistakes is a part of the game and can be sought out but taking pressure mentally and then getting vulnerable is just not what
the team wants.
Hamels blamed the team’s mindset for the loss, saying that the Astros were probably more motivated for the win than they were.
The Phillies are now banking on Roy Halladay to win the series finale scheduled for Wednesday, September 14.



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