Te Haumi Maxwell pockets Men’s 50m freestyle gold medal: Day three – 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games

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Te Haumi Maxwell pockets Men’s 50m freestyle gold medal: Day three – 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games
Te Haumi Maxwell of Australia pocketed the gold medal of Men’s 50m freestyle category, after he stunned the arena with his scintillating swim on the ending day of the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games. The meet took place in Isle of Man.
Maxwell clocked a sterling time of 22.00 seconds in the final round to obtain the gold medal of the event. The 17-year-old athlete earned the top qualification spot in the preliminary rounds to enter the final as the top fastest swimmer, whereas, he won
the arena’s respect by sustaining his fastest qualification spot.
The gold medallist was trailed by his following swimmer and team-member, Chris Raven, who was only 0.41 seconds slower than him and reached the podium for silver medal, by submitting a time of 22.41 seconds. Raven was trailed by South African swimmer, Luke
Pendock, who stayed only 0.20 seconds slower than him and stepped on the podium for the bronze medal with a timing of 22.61 seconds.
In the meantime, Aaron Rickhuss of England surfaced as the fourth fastest swimmer of the meet, by completing his swim in a time of 22.76 seconds. He was followed his team-mate and strongest rival, David Godridge, who remained only 0.33 seconds away from
his preceding swimmer and ended his swim in a fifth fastest time of 23.09 seconds.
Moments later, Joshua Romany of Trinidad&Tobago occupied sixth fastest spot of the swim, as he remained 0.04 seconds behind Godridge and clocked a time of 23.13 seconds for sixth position. Subsequently, Alisdair Stirling of Scotland claimed seventh fastest
spot of the event, as he remained just 0.02 seconds slower than Romany and posted a time of 23.15 seconds. Finally, Curtis Coulter of Northern Ireland secured eighth finishing spot of the event, by producing a time of 23.49 seconds for eighth position.
In addition, Maxwell was delighted with his gold claiming effort in the single-lap freestyle sprint, while the winners were invited on the podium to collect their medals and accolades after the completion of the session.



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