University of Tennessee QB Matt Simms signed by New York Jets - NFL News

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University of Tennessee QB Matt Simms signed by New York Jets - NFL News
New York Jets on Sunday, announced the signing of undrafted free agent and quarterback, Matt Simms after he impressed the team’s management during rookie minicamp.
Simms will now become the fifth quarterback on the Jets roster which includes starter, Mark Sanchez and his high-profile backup, Tim Tebow, while the Jets also have former backup, Greg McElroy and rookie G.J Kinne.
The young quarterback went undrafted after a less than stellar college career and many analysts doubted his ability to come good at the professional level.
However, coach Rex Ryan on Saturday, was deeply impressed by Simms arm strength and said that he sees the potential in the youngster to develop into a good quarterback.
"With Simms, the thing that you're impressed with immediately is how he can throw the football. I mean, he definitely has a great arm. He can really spin it. The thing you don't see is, obviously, how he is against the rush and all that."
Adding further he said.
"I followed him. I knew he was at Tennessee. Kind of had ups and downs when he was there. But the kid has the arm talent. Obviously he's got the pedigree."
 The youngster is the son of former New York Giants great, Phil Simms who led the Giants to their first Super Bowl championship while his brother also played at the position in the National Football League (NFL) becoming a starter for Tampa Bay Buccaneers
and is currently a coach at the New England Patriots.
Matt is thankful for all the help he got from his family and said that he has learnt a lot from their guidance and experience.
“They have a tremendous knowledge of the game. Their help has guided me a lot through this process even though it has been difficult at times.”
Simms has an uphill task on his hand and must improve a lot if he wants to take over the number three quarterback position at the Jets.
The franchise is likely to keep at least three quarterbacks on their roster and Simms will face strong competition from McElroy and Kinne for the role.
However, his family background in football will give him a slight advantage to realising his dream of making it in the NFL.



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