I have a poor credit rating, keep getting turned down when applying for a credit card

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does anyone know of any credit card company i could try!!




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  3. Don't expect your credit score to increase by continuing to apply and getting rejected. There are various factors that affect your credit score and it's your score that will determine approval or denial. They look at credit history, debt to debt limits, debt to income ratio, and your use of credit and credit application. Time will relieve your poor credit so make sure to make all payments on time to lower any balances that you have. If you don't have credit cards or debts, even better. Start to use cash and sock money into savings so you earn interest instead of paying it. Save your need for credit for something you simply can't afford cash for (house mortgage) or absolute needs, not wants. The credit industry is haywire. People are billions of dollars in debt and for what ... $5 lunches at McDonalds that they promise to pay back on payday? Get off the treadmill. The past 30 years have given us credit cards, now seen as a necessity, that never existed before. Live within your means and you'll have credit card companies begging you to take their cards.

  4. Do you know why you have a poor credit rating?  I suggest you get copies of your credit report from the two major credit bureau's, Equifax and Trans Union *their websites will depend on the country you live in, so just google them.

    After you get your reports, which you can do once a year for free, look at it closely.  It will show you if you any unpaid balances on your report.  Make sure all activity is yours.  If you do have unpaid balances, pay them off.  It will help your credit rating.  

    If there are mistakes (like you already paid a bill, but it never updated), then write to them with the proof and they'll update it.  There could also be transactions that aren't yours at all, I had bills on mine that belonged to my mother and my previous address was listed as hers.  I proved that I never lived there, and they took them off.  

    Stop applying for credit until at least 6 months after everything is updated.  Then get a small loan from the bank instead.  $1000-2000, and pay it off faster than they ask you to.  Some banks take a loan request of that as a credit card application and will just give you a card instead, if your credit is good enough.  If not, it's a small risk to take on their side because it's small amount.  A little loan like that can help you build your credit.  

    Cleaning up credit doesn't happen overnight, so just be patient.  Every time you apply, your score drops by a few points and it could months to get those few points back.  


    repair and/or build your credit

    The only thing I can suggest is get a secured card from or trubute card

    The second thing is learn whats on your credit report and try to repair it, go to the site above and learn.

  6. The harsh fact is that once you get a bad credit rating it is a long hard slog to get back to being able to get credit. In truth, if you have a bad credit rating already, the very last thing you want is a credit card! Anyway, they all use the same credit referral agencies and same credit scoring method.


  8. No, you can't have a credit card.

    You want to buy something, start paying cash for it.

  9. listen to ibaker yep everytime you apply for something and punching in that ssn you are definetly losing your ratings. stop applying for credit cards for now build your credit in another way like paying everyday bills on time thats in your name.

  10. If you keep getting turned down, that's going to continue to hurt your credit.  The more inquiries there are on your credit (they do this when deciding whether to give you a card or not) the lower your credit will go.  When you continue to apply for credit cards or loans, the creditor will see that you have x amount of inquiries and that makes them immediately leery.

    From personal experience, I suggest that you just use a checking account with a debit card.  That way, you can leave your credit alone to repair itself.  The repairing of the credit needs work on your end too, as you're going to need to figure out exactly what the big problem on your credit is ( and focus on that.

    If you've made late payments of loans/credit cards in the past and are still carrying balances, you need to focus on paying those debts off on time every month.  If you have any debts that have gone to collections agencies, you need to make sure you settle with those agencies.  

    Again, if you have poor credit the best thing to do might be to avoid a credit card for now.  It's hard, but it completely ends up being for the best.

    Best Wishes!

  11. visa

  12. stop applying. every time you do it knocks your credit rating down. catch 22 situation there.

    try capitalone

  13. They are all linked to the same credit search agencies , sorry .

  14. In the uk try capital one---- or use payday loans and this will help you build your credit profile  BUT ONLY IF YOU PAY BACK ON TIME

  15. try getting bills in your name and pay them on time like electricity, phone, cell phone, thats a good way to build up credit...

  16. Visit this site

    Here you will find enough information that will help you solving your question.

  17. Everytime you apply for a credit card and get turned down you get a black mark against your name so making your bad credit even worse!

  18. The more you apply the worse your credit rating gets but try Vanquis you get about £250

  19. This website helped me raise my credit score up to 240 points in 90 days you should check it out:

  20. Good ways to get your credit rating up, send off for a catalogue, such as littlewoods or additions. Buy one item & pay for it asap. Have a land line telephone installed. If you have the minimum sky package, for about £10 or £15, you can get free wireless broadband & a phone line for £5, with free calls to any other land line except 0870 & the likes! So in a nut shell, for about £20 a month, you can get extra TV programs, free wireless broad band, free calls & as you will have a land line telephone number, you will have a better credit rating too!

    If this doesn't help, you could always have a look on The only other thing is that because you have a low rating, any card that you may get will charge you an extortionate amount of interest, which, if you find difficult to pay off, will cause you further problems in the future to get credit. So I would definitely try to get your rating up before applying for any of those through the door credit card agencies.  

  21. You could get a "secured" credit card where your term cash deposit is same as your credit card limit. You use this secured card to buy your groceries and other expenses. Then pay in full and on time each month. Do not apply for any new credit. After six month again review your credit report and to see any improvement. I would wait for a year using secured credit to apply for any new credit. It takes time and on time payment to improve credit rating.

  22. if its that bad, try doing a few shared secured loans through your bank. that is an easy way of building credit.

  23. Here is a web site that I found very useful that has almost guaranteed approval which will help you on the road to building your credit history and are are for people who cannot get approval for a prime rate card because of poor credit or no credit history.Try and check out the "Bad Credit Card section" and the "Secured Credit Cards" section.  it's a pretty easy thing to try. You can probably get an online instant approval and it only takes 60 seconds

    I hope this helps and good luck.

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