Addiction to Masturbation

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  1. I'm a 53 year old married male, who just like you, prefers masturbation over any other form of sexual release. My wife, having long ago lost the desire to engage in intercourse (all s*x for that matter), accepts my wish to exclusively m********e, and encourages me to explore the many ways to achieve sexual satisfaction through self-eroticism. She is fully supportive of me

    My focus during masturbation does vary from yours though. Most of the time I m********e, I view traditional "softcore" pornography of nude solo females, either via the Internet or traditional, old school p**n magazines. (Of which the UK produces some great titles; I throughly enjoy the models found in "Mens World" and "Escort") And about once every two weeks, my wife will be interactive with me during my masturbating, that is, she herself will physically m********e me (via a lotion enhanced "handjob") or she will simply watch me actually masturbating...I find it to be highly erotic to m********e while being completely naked in front of my completed clothed wife, who all the while while I'm pleasuring myself, is tease talking to me and prodding on my ultimate ejaculation.

    Also like you, my desire to engage in intercourse did wane as I grew older. From the time I was 18 years old, up until perhaps 10 years into my marriage, having intercourse was my primary way of achieving sexual satisfaction; it was of the most paramount concern for me to either find a girl to have intercourse with, or to have it with my wife. But perhaps around the time I turned 42 or so, I was finding intercourse to be predictable. Unsatisfying. A "been there, done that" kind of thing. And I was tired of always having to "perform" sexually, that is, inducing my wife into achieving an o****m. I grew weary of the pressure of having to perform. Intercourse, over time, just didn't seem to be worth the bother any more, to both myself and my wife.

    I don't forsee ever going back to having intercourse with my wife again, but this is not a problem. Times change, people change, and what I valued sexually is not what I value now at 53. We are both happy. And evidently, so are both you and your wife. If you're both happy with your masturbating as a sexual outlet, well, stay with it, and savor the pleasure it brings. I have found masturbation to be a most liberating form of sexual release that I will never cease enjoying.

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