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  1. To live in Queensland is quite good as the house prices throughout the region are fairly reasonable. Many of the houses in the Queensland region are of weatherboard and fiber-cement, along with many Queenslander-style homesteads. There is a great rental stock in the Central West region of Queensland, though availability depends on various factors. The Queensland Government Department of Housing offers information about buying and renting in Queensland, with factual sheets available in different languages. In spite of the local papers, various web sites offer a quick view of the types of land, houses and apartments available as well as the asking prices for property in an area. If you are not a permanent resident of Australia and you want to purchase a building then you will need Australian Government approval for purchasing property.

    Queensland's public hospital system offers quality emergency care services throughout the state to people who are seriously injured or ill and need quick treatment. The emergency phone number to call is 000. In outpatient clinics, hospital doctors or private doctors who come to the hospital for scheduled sessions each week, offers a wide range of specialist medical and surgical services depending on the size of the hospital and community. Queensland has a world-class education system. The school year usually runs from January to December and divided into four semesters. The longest holiday period is near to Christmas and New Year. The three levels of schooling in Queensland are: primary school, secondary and tertiary education.


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