Australia in August- Hot & Chic?

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  1. In Australia August is the last month of the southern winter and traditionally, the Australian ski season ends on the Labor Day long weekend in the start of October, which is in the southern spring but the ski resorts wind down activities highly depend on the conditions and quantity of snow. In New South Wales, the place of visit is the Snowy Mountains, about four hours out of Canberra. Take the Monaro Highway south to Cooma, then head west for the hiking of the icy Mountains. The ski slopes in Victoria are less crowded than those in the Snowy Mountains, so it is recommended to know more specifically where you want to go and how to reach there.

    If your desired cities are Thredbo or Perisher Valley, follow the indications, past the town of Berridale, to Jindabyne. You may wish to live in Jindabyne and take the Skitube for when you go skiing in the snowfields, just about half an hour away.  Jindabyne, with its large number of hotels and resort, is a more economical city to stay, but if you like to ski in and ski out of your ski lodge, or at least simply walk to the snow; you had need to book accommodation in the resorts themselves.  The famous group of resorts in this area includes those in Thredbo, Perisher, Charlotte Pass, Guthega and Smiggin Holes. Away from this group and reached through the Snowy Mountains Highway between the outskirts of Cooma and the town of Tumut is Selwyn Snowfields which have so many pleasant and friendly features. Selwyn may have a small ski season and close before the Labor Day weekend.


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