backpacking in harriman/bear mountain

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  1. In the Harriman- Bear Mountains camping is allowed only at the designated leanto sites present throughout the park. For this visitors can check trail conference Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails map set. Fires are permitted only in the fireplaces at the leantos. As the wood is short and a light in weight that is why backpacking stove is strongly recommended. In order to make advanced reservation, you can contact to the appropriate park, forest or recreation area office during usual business hours. Reservations can be made up to eleven months in advance of the reservation date in person at the area office; by mail using an online application form; or by telephone using a credit card.

    State Campgrounds in these regions are managed by the Dept. of Environmental Conservation, which manage 52 public campgrounds and controlled day-use facilities. The rates are affordable and permits are issued for designed sites for up to a two-week period from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Camps operated by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission include those in Harriman/Bear Mountain, High Tor, Nyack Beach, Rockland Lake and Tallman Mountain State Parks. Some rules and restrictions are same as to those in the Catskills, but the laws are imposed above 4,000 feet instead of the Catskill's 3,500 feet. On the same time a permit is a necessary requirement for groups having ten or more people, and for stays of three or more days in one location. For more detailed information it is recommended that hikers use maps and guides, which are easily available in these sites.


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