I am in big bear and would like to know wo which resort to go to, Bear Mountain or Snow Summit?

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I am with family and few of us will snowboard and others will skii. Mostly, snowboarders though...




  1. I'm making the assumption that at least some members of your family will be beginners or low intermediates.

    Snow Summit is better for families as they have more beginner and intermediate runs spread all over the resort.  They also have a super-long beginner run from top to bottom.  There will also be a better mix of both skiers and snowboarders of all types and levels.  I think in that way it's less intimidating.

    Bear Mountain has only one long beginner run on the left (looking up the mountain).  You get the bump-loving skiers further up the mountain on the left, while you have the park boarders and twin-plankers further up the mountain on the right.

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