Zenit St. Petersburg’s Daniel “Danny” Gomes delighted to score against FC Khimki in the Russian Cup

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Zenit St. Petersburg’s Daniel “Danny” Gomes delighted to score against FC Khimki in the Russian Cup
Zenit St. Petersburg attacking midfielder, Daniel Gomes, has expressed delight with his contribution into the Russian Cup tie against FC Khimki, where he scored the opening goal of the match.
Zenit managed to win the match by netting 3 goals and conceded twice but still made it to the quarter-finals of the cup tournament.
Daniel Gomes, commonly known as Danny, is satisfied with the team performance, but insisted that Zenit need to do a lot of work to win the Russian Cup.
The international was delighted to get his name on the score sheet by bagging the opening goal of the match. Danny revealed that he has been itching to get the match fitness from last year back.
“I am pleased that the team was able to pass on. Of course, I'm satisfied - much of that did not work before. I hope to gain from each game and gradually return to the same condition as last year”. Danny was quoted as saying
The Russian Premier League winning midfielder lauded the performance of the home team by revealing that the Krasno-chyornye played quality football in front of their home crowd, despite their poor form in the Russian Premier League.
“Khimki, a good team, tried to play good football. The field was in good condition, despite the sweltering weather and rain. We were stronger and retained the advantage of the ball possession. The only difficulty was that the team went onto the field for
the first time after a pause, a long vacation”. He concluded. has scored two headed goals for Zenit this season. The UEFA Super Cup winning midfielder is adamant that scoring matters regardless of the way it is done.
The former Dynamo Moscow player further revealed that he worked hard for his chances and was lucky to get a goal.



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