Juventus target Sergio Aguero to make his move this week, claims agent – Serie A Update

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Juventus target Aguero to make his move this week, claims agent – Serie A Update
Juventus FC target Sergio Aguero will decide his future by the end of the week, revealed the player’s agent, Hernan Reguera. The Atletico Madrid striker has been linked with Juve, however, the Italians are likely to bail out of the acquisition as the price
tag and wages of Aguero are considered too steep.
The talismanic striker has spent five years at the Spanish outfit and is keen to make his way out of La Liga to play in a more challenging and different environment. The 23-year-old Argentine international has also confirmed his news of exit, but is yet
to reveal his next possible stop.
Aguero, while talking to media reporters recently, claimed that as soon as he is done with the national team duties in the Copa have fallen out of the competition
after facing a defeat against, the striker would finally make up his mind.
The player’s agent, while addressing the media, talked about the developments in the transfer of Aguero. Reguera told the reporters:
"He wanted the Copa America to end to sit down and talk. During this week everything will be settled. Aguero has made a lot of important things for Atletico: he renewed his contract when he was one year away from becoming a free agent, he has played over
200 matches, and he spent two years without vacations.”
The striker has been highly criticized by the Atletico fans, who feel that Aguero is forcefully making his way out of the outfit.
"He is thankful to the fans and to the club's board. We have been talking about this for two months. I talk to the club's chiefs on a daily basis and there are no problems,” said the agent.
Juventus are currently tracking the Villarreal striker, Tevez seemingly
on his way to



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