Yuri's revenge from CD onto flash drive?

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I borrowed yuri's revenge and i want to put it on my flash drive. I tried copy/paste routine and it copied all the files but dont install. i want to be able to install the game form my flash drive. I know this is pirating but its ok with with me> can someone tell me how?




  1. Make an image of the disk. You then can mount the image on a program like Alcohol or PowerISO.

    Good luck! :)

  2. use an image making software like Alcohol120%, Nero or PowerISO and make an image of the disc then mount it on other pcs with daemon tools (very small app) which you can include in your flash drive and then install

    as to where you can get the above mentioned warez youll have to look for them yourself coz i most likely got my other account disabled/banned for mentioning a torrent site/s

    hope that helps ^_^

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