How to make Command And Conquer Yuri's Revenge work/install without Red alert 2?

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Ok, I need a little help. New computer, found the disk, can't find Red Alert 2 and don't wanna pay the best part of £15 for it. How do you get Yuri's Revenge to install/work without Read Alert 2?




  1. You just cant. Red Alert CD has all the basic info of the game, like soldirers, movement, maps, money, and everything that is basic for the game. Yuri's CD is only an expansion that adds some more units, maps and missions, but it's not enough info to play it alone.

    Now, if don't want to pay £15 for Red Alert 2, just download it, cause you really need it. Download it using a torrent program, cause it's really hard to find a direct download link.

    Torrent link:


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