Wimbledon Men Final 2010 - Tomas Berdych wins his chance for final against Rafeal Nadal

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Wimbledon men Final 2010 - Tomas Berdych wins his chance for final against Rafeal Nadal

Tomas Berdych became the first Czech player ever to qualify for the Wimbledon final. Berdych produced an outstanding performance against the third seed Novak Djokovic as he defeated him 6-3, 7-6 and 6-3 in the first semi-finals match at Centre Court. 13th seed Berdych earlier defeated Roger Federer in the quarter-finals and ended the former world number 1 hopes of winning his seventeenth Grand Slam title this year. The Czech player played his top game against the Serb and stole a straight set victory at Centre Court. The atmosphere in the centre court was thrilling as both players were dominating the court and were trying their best to win the match.

As the match started both the players looked in their top form and quickly went for the opportunity to score points in order to grasp an early lead. Djokovic, the 2008 Australian Open winner, was not able to stop the Czech form scoring points even though he had much experience then the Czech. The first set was a disaster for the Serb as Berdych displayed complete dominance on the court and made it a problem for the Serb to overcome it. Berdych took an early 2 points lead in the opening set and served the game comfortably. However, the Serb started losing his nerves and failed to response back. The Serb made a return in the third game when Berdych double faulted and gave an opportunity to the Serb. Djokovic immediately took the opportunity and cut short the lead to 2-1. The next two games however went in favour of the Czech as he extended his lead to 4-1 securing a firm grip on the match. Short comebacks were made by Djokovic in the match but he was not able to take control on the set and at last the first set went in favour of Tomas Berdych as he sealed the set 6-3.

The second set however was a crucial one for both the players as both of them fought it as an epic fight. The opening game of the second set was won by Berdych, but the Czech was not able to keep his momentum high as Djokovic levelled the score 1-1 in game 2. Game 3 again went in favour of Berdych after Djokovic double faulted and with a forehand winner at break point the Czech earned the point. The match kept on going as both players fought each other for a lead in the set. At game 11 both the players were level at 5-5 and were looking for an opportunity to score some points. Berdych took a lead after Djokovic missed a loose backhand volley at break point. The Czech lost an opportunity in game 12 for sealing the set as he double faulted at break point and awarded the Serb to jump back in the game. Djokovic won game 12 and again levelled the score 6-6. Tension started to grow among the players as the match took a slight new turn. Berdych closed the second set in a short time after he played a beautiful back hand winner for the final score.

The third set of the match became the last set after Berdych defeated Djokovic 6-3. The Czech player from the start held pressure on 3rd seed Djokovic and made his second Grand Slam semi-final match a remarkable one. Djokovic at game 6 got an opportunity to take control but failed in doing so and thus awarded the set to the Czech. The Czech left no hope for the Serb to win the match as he played some stunning backhand and forehand winners followed by some impressive groundstrokes in the third set. The win in the third set brought an end to Djokovic’s hope of winning his second Grand Slam title this year.

Berdych will compete against second semi-finalist winner Rafael Nadal on Sunday for the Wimbledon title. The Czech will play his first Grand Slam final and is willing to prove his best against the Spaniard.



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