After defeating Roger Federer Tomas Berdych to face Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon men final 2010

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After defeating Roger Federer Tomas Berdych to face Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon men final 2010

Tomas Berdych is now living the dream and seems unbeatable. Today he crushed Novak Djokovic, the Serbian third-seed of the tournament, 6-3, 7-6, 6-3, in only two hours and 18 minutes. The 6-foot-5 Czech has reached the Grand Slam semi-finals for the second time in his career and will face Rafael Nadal for a chance at the Wimbledon cup. Berdych expressed in an interview to a British Broadcasting Corporative how “The feeling is absolutely amazing. Another victory, over Novak Djokovic, who is a great player.”

The Czech dominated the match. Berdych’s only concern occurred in the second set tie-break when he slipped a 6-2 lead to Djokovic and had to win two set points. The tension on Centre Court was almost palpable as the 12th seeded Berdych faced the test. He showed his control over his nerves by saving both points, taking back the tie-break 11-9.

Djokovic had no other opportunities to challenge the Czech’s game play. During the eighth game of the third set, one break left him serving for the match. Berdych’s game was then flawless, slamming down big serves that honoured him with a notable victory in tennis history. This win made him the first Czech to reach the final since Ivan Lendl in 1987. When asked if Lendl represented someone special to him, the Czech replied: “Well, I never had any tennis idols. Well, of course so many people just putting me on side with Ivan Lendl, with part of the similar style of the game and any other specific things, like when I won my first tournament and when he did. You know, it's really nice to be in the part of his name. But still, you know, he achieved much, much more than me. You know, but the things needs to start somewhere.”

Djokovic was the expected winner, but Berdych unsettled the odds yet again by being the confident one on the court. Djokovic’s play appeared inhibited, pushing the ball too often, and letting the Czech take over easily. While Djokovic had the advantage of greater experience in the Championship, he failed to establish authority over his adversary and was unable to manage a strong start.

Berdych was in control early on in the match, and comfortably played with assurance. His serve and forehand had brought Roger Federer down to his knees and he planned to repeat the experience in his match against Djokovic. He stole every opportunity from Djokovic and the Serb’s weak spots were quickly found by Berdych.

The 12th seeded Czech’s best performance was recent, at the 2010 French Open in Grand Slam tournament. On his way to the semi-finals, Berdych overcame three ranked opponents in straight sets: No. 19 John Isner in the third round, 2010 Wimbledon semi-finalist Andy Murray in the fourth round, and No. 14 Mikhail Youzhny in the quarter-finals. He unfortunately lost in the semi-finals to Robin Söderling 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 3-6, 3-6, who was defeated by Nadal in this year’s Wimbledon quarter-finals.

A great Gentlemen’s Singles final is up for Sunday between the young Czech and the World No. 1 Rafael Nadal. The 24 year-old is not the favourite, but has played so far the best tennis of his career and has outdone all expectations. The Czech underdog has all his chances to defeat yet another champion, after Roger Federer. This victory would make Berdych the second Czech to win the men's title. However, Nadal could also very well crush the young player’s dreams, just as he did to Andy Murray today on Centre Court.



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