Will BlackBerry be able to bounce back

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Will BlackBerry be able to bounce back? Resignation at the top of BlackBerry are no good.

BlackBerry has announced the release of three members of its management team relay weeks after its CEO and while in the process of refinancing the company.

Kristian Tear , chief operating officer , and Frank Boulben , chief marketing officer , will leave the company while James Yersh replace Brian Bidulka as chief financial officer. Roger Martin has also resigned from the board member .

Changes in the dome comes at a sensitive time for the company , which has seen its refinancing plans have failed and that is the center of all kinds of speculations purchase by other manufacturers of smartphones. Earlier this month , John Chen replaced Thorstein Heins as CEO, with just two years in office.

Blackberry has seen in four years down the smartphone market share of 50 % in the U.S. to 3% in the same country . In the rest of the world is even smaller implementation.

This is for the company that was considered one of the biggest companies ever to emerge from Canada.

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