How to get your hand on Xbox One

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How to get your hand on Xbox One?

Microsoft has sold one million Xbox in 24 hours, which equals sales launch of the Japanese Sony PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has sold more than a million of its new console Xbox One in first 24 hours when it was put up for sale, according to the company.

The new console , which was launched simultaneously in 13 countries , is the record for sales of a Microsoft console . The figure equates gave Sony PlayStation 4 premiere with a week earlier, but this release was made only in the United States and Canada , countries where Xbox dominates. This Friday the PlayStation 4 will ship in European countries, Australia and Latin America. In Japan it will not arrive until February.

Microsoft has turned their new machine to a wider audience , with the intention to assume the device as the center of home entertainment with its interactivity, connections to TV and music and links to social networks.

Despite the round number that manufacturers often occur in the first 24 hours , and include preorders after stake sales . Analysts expect this quarter about three million Xbox One , which costs a hundred euros more than the new PlayStation 4 sells for.

This proves the sales for Xbox One are hot but how do you get one, do you show up at night with your camping gear or do you run to ebay and buy one at premium there? Can someone please help other readers of this post to figure out what is the best way to get your hand on Microsoft’s latest gadget?

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