Wii Fit - What routine do I need?

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Using Wii Fit, what routine (eg. Amount of time jogging, amount of time doing aerobics etc) will help me lose weight fast? Is it possible to lose 10kg in a month with Wii Fit?




  1. Wii Fit is great to loose weight with privacy and no gym fees.

    Do loads and loads of jogging - check floorboards i'm not saying ur overweight but mine take a poundin.

    The aerobics yoga are great for getting you in a routine and sorting out the posture

    10kg in a month sure if you put some sweat into it

    Wind down with the balance games just enjoy it

    I say do an hour when you start sweating you are burning which is good then shower it's win win

  2. Wow. 10kg in a month (22 pounds for non-metric peoples) is a LOT for a month. You're saying you want to lose 2.5kg each week, and that is not a healthy goal.

    I do recommend Wii Fit for getting in shape (tone, muscle strength, balance, cardio workout), but 2.5kg/5lb per week is losing too much too fast, and you will be putting a hefty strain on your body while it is trying to keep up.

    Start out slow. If you are adamant about the weight to be lost, why not give yourself two months to try it out? You will be healthier overall if you give your body more time to adjust.

    That said, work out at least 30 minutes per session, and make sure to allow time for warmup (stretches, yoga) and cooldown (I prefer to do some free step as a cooldown, but any light exercise will do).

    Remember to drink lots of water, and start thinking about your eating habits as well.

    Best of luck to you in your weight loss goals, but please do think about your own safety before trying to lose so much weight in so little time. A good goal might be 1kg per week.

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