Modded XBOX 360 online?

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hey people

I'm planning on buying a 360 and getting it modded but if i do get it done and buy

an original non burned game like cod(call of duty) 4 would i still be aloud to play live or would i be banned cos is it the games they check or the console




  1. it depends. the older 360 has a samsung drive.wen this is modded it can play online but only with original games not copys because the copys can be traced and you will be kicked off xbox live

  2. It doesn't matter if you play retail Microsoft xbox 360 games or Burned/Copied 360 Games you will eventually be detected and banned from Live. the reason being, it isn't the games they check it is a revision to the firmware or hardware they detect during updates, if your console can play backups/bootleg games it has been modded either flashed or chipped, either will result in your console being banned regardless if you play a legit game or copy, once the console has been connected to Live should any major update occur it will look for revisions to your system, if detected it will be banned, best thing you can do is simply do not connect to live unless you must, be careful with updates.

    The Fall update for the console this year will possibly ban your console, do not stay connected 24/7 if you want to play live or download arcade games do so carefully, if your playing a single player game like Ninja Gaiden 2 disconnect from live to be on the safe side.

  3. You'll get banned. MS has an auto detection system that finds and bans modded consoles from LIVE

  4. moded consoles will not connect to live.... when you log into live, microsoft checks the console and game....

    Moded = No Live

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