Why is my ps3 making loud noises can you tell me what to do?

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well my ps3 is making loud noises after its been on for like 10 min

and ive had it for like a year, what can i do to stop the noise, should i do the fan test PLZZ HELPP xD

(ps i got a 60gb)




  1. thats wat u get for buying a stupid ps3 and if u call sony theyll charge u to fix u should have went for x box 360 there way better and x box fixes for free with thier no hassle  return so thats wat u get for buying junk

  2. there is no fan test if u do that to ur ps3 it will make it even worse i would call sony and see wht they recommend

  3. try opening it and vacuuming all the dust out....might help

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