Some ques about psp slime and lite?

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1>most imp does have loudspears in bulit coz i cant use earphones?

2>does the graphics r good as compare to ps2?

3>i want to have knowledge that does psp 300 is coming in near future or its jus i magination these days?




  1. I think you mean slim not SLIME

  2. 1) It has speakers, and a headphonejack. The speakers are just fine, but to hear the smaller sounds like someone creeping up on you in Socom, then you should use headphones.

    2) For the most part, I would say the graphics aren't as good as the PS2, mostly because it's smaller. Ironically, it has the same amount of processing power as the PS2, but not graphical power.

    3) PSP 3000 has been announced at the Leipzeig Gaming Convention, but no date has been given.

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