Why are people so judgmental?

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OK, I am just wondering. What makes people be so mean to one another? I mean I asked a simple question on here last night and you wouldn't believe the rude answers I got. I mean I think everyone's equal. I am so tired of people being mean to one another. I mean what makes us hate each other? I don't quite understand why people make fun of people for being ugly, fat, poor, or even the dumbest two things of all. Clothes and hair. Just please someone explain why people are so mean.




  1. Some people just need to demean others to feel better.  

    It;s about power.  If I can demean you, that makes me better and more powerful than you (which of course is completely boogus).  

    It's an identity supremacy problem.  If others are bad, that makes you good.  Well, can't everyone just be good?

    Finally, perhaps, some people just don't have a life or they have a bad life.  By demeaning people, it makes them forget about the real problems or their own sadness.  i.e. like how the politicians were suddenly so against g*y marriage instead of addressing about the war or our failing economy.

    About being judgemental:  we are raised as kids to have a pre-set image of how people/things SHOULD be like and if things are NOT that way, then those things are a PROBLEM.  i.e. Disney with weak princess needing rescue and a handsome prince.  well, can't they both be boys?  can't the prince be not handsome and not on a horse?  can't the weak princess be strong and rescue the prince instead of needing rescue?

    by the way, everyone is prejudice because no one can escape from being faced with what's already embedded in our society.  it's about HOW you face prejudice and what you DO with what you know.  RECOGNIZE it.

  2. I think people should NEVER be judged for who they are, but it is certainly okay to judge them for the decisions they make.  People are incredibly, wonderfully diverse and every human being should be respected for who they are.  However, people should be judged for anything that hurts their friends or relatives, or puts themselves or their family in jeopardy.  

  3. I can't tell you why because I wonder the very same thing.

    It's sad, very very sad. This isn't isolated either, this is common everywhere in the world.

    Humans are truly a despicable existence.

  4. Try not to take it personally.  Sometimes people are just having a bad day.  Most of them probably know how they should behave.  They know that taking their bad feelings out on others isn't going to get them anywhere.  Some of them may even be ashamed of themselves afterward.

  5. Maybe some people insult people to make themselves feel better. There is no reason to judge someone for something that they can't control.

  6. There really is no reason to be so mean to each other.  This might sound ridiculous, but our brains are naturally wired to sort of group things.  Those that look like us we accept more readily and those who do not look like us or are anything like us are quickly dismissed.  I think it's our need to belong and have a certain sense of community which makes us push these people away, and what better way to get them far away from our group than to make fun of them?  Because someone who is overweight isn't going to make fun of another overweight person.

    There is no reason for it, of course.  I live in California and there is diversity in most parts.  However, I can see if you lived in an area where there was no real ethnic diversity and an outsider stuck out like a sore thumb, you might want to distance yourself from that person thinking that they are "weird"...even though you don't know them yet.

    People need to get to know each other on a one-on-one basis more often.  Then those previous prejudices they have might disappear.  Not always, but even just sometimes would be a good thing.

    I hope this helps somewhat! :-)

  7. We all have our own hurts ,failures, disappointments to deal with, but with a significant part of of the population these feeling are not addressed or resolved satisfactorily, this damage is sometimes turned into an inferiority complex ,feelings of jealousy,envy, even greed come to the fore to try and boost up to try and satisfy the feeling of inferiority (makes them feel superior for a short while ) this better\superior feeling does not last and they are on a constant lookout for a new high (if you like )always critical of others someone they can put down this becomes a way of thinking\habitual (a way of life) and is ultimately to their detriment , they become more (deeper) emotional sick and sometimes can contribute to serious  physical sickness....

  8. my theory on it is that people generally think that everyone is out to rob them or lie to them. That the general population just isn't good as a whole. And who could blame them. Our leaders, teachers, instructors, just about everyone we have known we are finding out lied to us. This is the information age, where we can find this stuff out, so now we are finding out what people are doing bad and our "role models" are all people who are horrible in some way.

    If even the people we look up to lie and cheat us, how can we trust someone on the street? the answer is that the people on the street are in the same situation as us, and dont have power, and power corrupts. But we just haven't figured that out yet.

  9. Because we all want someone to look up to to be righteous for us. When people we look up to let us down. It's like a car accident.

  10. Simple! The world is over crowded.  If you put two very sweet hearted church people in a small tiny closet..They will want to kill each other by the end of the day.

    We are just suffocating ourselves in this world.

  11. It is so sad, and hurtful.  I have no idea, I was brought up to love everyone and everything.  some must not have had a good upbringing.  I am not sure.

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