Morons only, is your life better with your ipods, blackberries, tivo's, cell phones hdtv's?

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Do you have time to watch all those channels? Do you enjoy being plugged in and tuned in 24 hours a day?




  1. Haven't got any of those. Don't even have a TV. I am still a proud Moron though.

  2. Yes, my life is better (thanks for asking) ! .Sometimes I do everything at once for added excitement.

  3. I am sorry, I am answering though I don't think I am a moron, but what is the alternative?

    I would love to sit around and converse, write books, argue, and be close to family, but we have evolved.  We must move on to better things or we cannot overcome what faces us in the future.  Two things: sure death; and end of the earth or sun, whichever comes first.  We are evolving into those machines that we fancy.....

  4. it is not a moron only question.I love my tv. I have so much going on or wrong in my life that sitting down and watching tv helps not to have to think instead of turning to drugs or alcohol no we are not perfect but for you to say that is a moron only question is just plain wrong.just like me saying this answer is for snobs only.

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