Who is the best hitter of the cricket ball in the world ?

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Names like Shahid Afridi or Adam Gilchrist or Yuvraj Singh or Hershelle Gibbs first strikes in your mind but........................................




  1. Big Hitters in World Cricket

    Afridi - boom boom is no longer the same title should be changed to 1, 2, 3 gone
    Jayasuriya - old guy but still has some wip in his hands
    Gilchrist - a very soreloser he is gone anyways so no point him being on the list.
    Gayle - the man can hit but he is affraid of fast bowlers
    Imran Nazir - this kid can rock but too bad he can't play for pakistan no more due to ICL
    Yuvraj Singh - Singh is king but only when it comes to some teams
    Dhoni - this guy is consistent, lucky and commands respect from all his team mates. three tests, three
    Kevin Pieterson - he keeps crying, over rated
    H.Gibbs - was a star
    Mohammad Ashruful - he beat the h**l out of Lee never seen anything like it
    Brendon McCallum - brendon who.........
    Freddi Flintoff - Flintoff just like kevin is a hit and miss
    Sehwag - this is one harry guy but can really hit the ball.

  2. Big Hitters in World Cricket

    Imran Nazir
    Yuvraj Singh
    Kevin Pieterson
    Mohammad Ashruful
    Brendon McCallum
    Freddi Flintoff

  3. Abdul Razzaq

  4. Currently.

    Mc Cullum

  5. According to the stats (looking at batting average)

    All time: Sir Don Bradman

    Current: well it is not so clear.. based on pure numbers Michael Hussey with an average of 78.14. Having said that he has not has many games yet so that could go down.

    In reality:

    Suchin Tendulka, Ricky Ponting, or Rahul Dravid

    All high 50s in terms of batting avg and played 200 or more innings (enough to get a fairly accurate average).

    Check out sources below (wikipedia), for actual numbers

  6. how could anyone forget Lance Zulu Klusener nows theres a hitter he proved his worth to the south african lower order power time and time again he was awesome then Albie Morkel can also send the ball out the ground plus Justin Kemp and Ricardo Powell he was a big hitter dont know what happened to him

  7. 1990-1996--sachin tendulkar

    1996-2000--ganguly saurav

    2000-2002--virendar sehwag



    2006- now--dhoni,gilchrist,hayden,Mccullum.

  8. shahid afridi and dhoni and gilchrist.

  9. MS Dhoni!!!

  10. afridi his 100 in 37 balls and the amount of 6's he has compared to ODI's look on this website

  11. Gilly & Hussey

    Gilly is the only player in the world to have hit the roof of the indoor statium in Australia

    Hussey is on fire at the moment

  12. If You treat hitter as a player who can hit big sixes the the answers is " Yuvraj Singh, Shahid Afridi , Gilchrist, H.Gibbs, R.Ponting, K.P...."

    if you mean a good player who strokes the ball well then answer is " B.C.Lara , S.R.Tendulkar , I.Ul Haq, R.Ponting, A.Flower, A.De Silva,R.Dravid,....."


    if you think of hitting the spinners then who can forget the Prince of Kolkatta-S.Ganguly..... and the Little Master S.R.Tendulkar....

  13. Among former players,Dean Jones is one

    Jayasuriya,Kallis   are also hard hitters

    Sometimes, Kallis  hits sixes with the help of his muscle power

  14. the best hitter of the cricket ball in the world is yuvraj singh because he had hit 6 sixes and gibbs also hit 6 sixes,but gibbs hit 6 sixes in spinner over.but yuvraj hitted in broad,great bowler over.

  15. Adam Gilchrist. Hands down!

    No one hits the ball like him.

  16. S. Sreeshanth

    Because his every ball was hit firmly.

  17. Hayden

  18. Yuvi yuvi.............

  19. Probably Gilly. What about Hayden, even Dhoni?

    And then u could also include Chris Gayle of the West Indies. He absolutely hits the cover off the ball! Awsum to watch!

  20. obviously its none other than sachin tendulkar.,.,.,

    adam gilchrist is also one of the best pinch hitters,.,.

  21. Dhoni,Sachin,Gilly,Yuvaraj,Jayasuriya

  22. Mathhew Hayden

  23. Just now names that spring are

    Rohit Sharma



    Young Saha

    and the youngsters playing in IPL.

    All else have faded.

  24. well,there can be more than 1 person as the best hitter does not have a clear cut definition -

    1.andrew symonds is the most powerful hitter.

    2.sachin tendulkar is the most classy hitter,as all of us saw in recent cb series finals.

    3.rohit sharma is a brilliant young hitter.

    4.vivian richards was an excellent hitter.

  25. Hershelle Gibbs was the best hitter of the cricket ball in the world of  first strikes.

  26. Hayden & Yuvi!

  27. Gilchrist, Genuine Player.

  28. Mohsin Khan & sachin ,&laxmi ratan shukla&all knight riders

  29. golden player Adam Gilchrist n Hussey

  30. Adam Gilchrist

  31. yuvraj

  32. Obviously Apna Sachin Yaar !

  33. Albie Morkel his sixes are huge did you see the 124m one the other day on the roof and today against delhi his sixes are always huge he hits sixes out of the wanderers back home

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