Where is Taj-Mahal ?

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Where is Taj-Mahal ?




  1. It's in Agra, India. & as far as I remember it was named after a lady called Momtaz Mahal.

  2. Agra

    There had planed to be 2 of them - one made of white marble one made of black - one each side of the river

    but they only built the white ones

    the towers are angled slightly outwards so that in the event of an earthquake they fall outwards instead of onto the main structure

  3. The City of Agra in Northern India.

  4. The Taj-Mahal is loccated in Northern India in a city called Agra.

  5. argra india


  6. its in city of agra which is in india!

  7. In the city of Agra, which is in Northern India.

  8. India
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