Commonwealth Games’ athletes visit Taj Mahal

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Commonwealth Games’ athletes visit Taj Mahal
With an effort to leave a positive image upon the guests of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, the authorities at Delhi organized a trip to the famous Taj Mahal present in Agra city. As the competition was over for most of the athletes, the organizers arranged
a special train to take the guests to the famous monument of love. The athletes who throughout the event had been only travelling to the stadiums and back to the village established for them finally got a chance through this trip to observe some culture.
Since the trip to Taj Mahal was pre-decided and well announced, as expected the train was full of the athletes and players from all sports disciplines. One of the athletes was the famous Jonathan Jock Boyer, the first ever American who participated into
the Tour de France.
Visiting the world’s seventh wonder for the first time by travelling to it through a train, Boyer felt rather thrilled. He told that he had never travelled in a train like the one in India and it was quite adventurous for rest of his team members. While
sharing his views the famous cyclist said that for him India was quite an exciting place and completely different from his home.
While laughing at his team member, Boyer said that Abraham had never seen a train like this before, he was rather afraid while stepping on it. After getting on the train Abraham was worried as to why it was going backward. For those who were used to travelling
through trains, the adventuring part of the travel was when they were served with tea in real china cups and saucers. The trip to Agra was particularly celebrated by the athletes who had bagged medals during the event; they were rather overjoyed throughout
the journey.
When asked by a reporter to share about how he was feeling, Nicky Hunt said that throughout the whole event the most important thing for him were his two medals. He told the media correspondent that every morning he got up the first thing he liked watching
was his two medals.
Danielle Brown who happened to be the first paralympian for winning medal at Commonwealth Games for England told the media that he was rather eager to see the iconic image, which depicted the symbol of love on earth.
To a surprise for most of the media correspondents, Keri Anne Payne, the famous English swimmer was also there on the trip to Agra. For media personnel she was an exception, as most of the English swimmers preferred going back to home as soon as their competitions
were over. Addressing to the curiosity of the media correspondents she said that she did not have a doubt in the mind that she had to stay in India until the closing ceremony.
The Taj Mahal is considered the biggest built monument by lover and Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory o f his third wife Mumtaz Mahal. For Payne it was the best part of India to visit, since her fiancé David Carry was also accompanying her.
Sharing her views Payne said that upon having the first look one could feel the love of the emperor for his wife. She said that the place was amazing and she was happy for seeing that.
In order to ensure the security of the contingent of the athletes, Agra city had been temporarily shut down. From railway station to Taj Mahal athletes were taken by a motorcade of buses while the local traffic was held behind the barriers until the busses
Despite of being in a heavily populated city there was a sense of serenity within the premises of Taj Mahal. The contingent of the athletes was in awe after seeing the beauty of the magnificent building. After one hour tour to Taj Mahal, the contingent of
the athletes was taken to the city for shopping purposes.



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