What is the principal behind male enhancement pills?

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I am wondering what is the basis behind entenze and enzyte. How do they supposedly work to make the p***s larger? I am truly and fully aware its a marketing gimmick to play on men's insecurity about the size of their package. I am not considering using those products. I just am honestly annoyed by those commercials (as I am sure allot of people are) and wanted to ask that question. Also, as a side question, how do they not affect the rest of a man's body? The reasoning I am getting to with that question is that I assume those products work in a similar way as steroids by building muscle mass within the p***s. So if that is the case, how does it not affect and make other muscles in the grow bigger?




  1. The principle is this: placebo.     Sometimes, in the case where a patient has a  persistent psychomosomatic (imaginary--in his head) condition and there isn't really anything wrong, a doctor will prescribe a sugar pill, which doesn't do anything at all, but help's the patient's condition, as it's in his head.     This is called the placebo effect.

    That''s what these pills do; nothing.    Some men think that they're a little larger, but the p***s doesn't grow--there isn't any pill which will make the p***s larger.      If there were, it would be the most sought-after drug ever discovered.       All men would be well-endowed.

    Just be happy with what you have, and make the best of how you use it.     Accept yourself for what you have.     Certainly all men would like to have a large p***s, and those with small ones, especially, but it just isn't possible.

    Good luck to you.  

  2. They dont amke it bigger.  

    They are a conm to con money from guys who lack self esteem.  Size really dont matter.  Girls prefer manual stimulation of their clitoris with your tongue.  Trust me.  

  3. Save your money.  They don't work and are based on junk science.  If they did work, Doctors would be prescribing them for guys who are deficient in the 'joy stick' department.  There is a reason Doctors don't prescribe them.  They are useless.

    In any event, the size of the male organ has nothing to do with how long a guy can last before ejaculation.  If you give most ladies a choice between a guy with big equipment who cannot last and a guy with smaller equipment who has lots of staying power, the ladies will choose the smaller guy all the time.

  4. Gullibility

  5. Both products you mention don't work. They have various herbal extracts that supposedly help increase blood flow into the p***s by dilating the blood vessels, but as you said, they would impact the whole body.   The real principle behind them is that it is quite easy to separate gullible people from their money if you offer some unbelievable incentive.

  6. The principal is simple:they do nothing ,but fill the pockets and bank accounts of the manufacturers.

    A total waste of money


  7. First off, understand this, the p***s isn't a muscle, so those pills are not steroids. The pills only claim to be male "enhancement," such commercials advertising boosts in pride and such; Never once have I seen a commercial for any male enhancement product that actually said the p***s would be enlarged. There is reasoning behind this. Because such commercials never say it enlarges the p***s, they cannot be sued for false advertising when the pill doesn't do what people initially thought it claimed to do. The pills are likely nothing more than expensive sugar pills. As to how they work, or seem to work, that is a psychological phenomena called the placebo effect. The placebo effect is something you probably know of, but never knew the name of. It's when you believe so much that something will help you out, that you actually begin seeing results, because you unconsciously do better because you believe this item or such is helping you. Numerous kid's shows have this as a theme, as kids use an item as a crutch, then discover it wasn't the item, but their own skill that made them better. It's that kind of thing. These "enhancement" pills claim to make a man bigger and better, and men who buy them will be so insecure, that after they take them, they'll believe it's making them better, and will actually seem better in bed and such, when in truth, it hasn't changed a thing, and it's only the thought that the pill was working that has caused the man to see "results." That's all there is to the pills, there's not really anything biological involved; if one of those pills actually did make the p***s bigger, you'd better believe it'd be getting some press coverage, because that would be one of the largest breakthroughs of the time, especially since we are a nation so obsessed with s*x.

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