Do breast enhancement creams/pills really work?

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so im thinking about trying breast enhancement cream/pills. has anyone else every tried them? do they really work? give me info! :)

im thinking about trying breast gain plus.

the website on it is




  1. the things girls do for our attention....:D

  2. It doesn't work, don't waste your money.

  3. No, they don't.  Do not believe anything they say, it's a scam.  Pills, creams, and the Brava system do not work.  You have 2 options, gain weight (fat) or surgery.  

  4. No pill, food, or cream can make your bust size bigger.

    Nor can the the Victoria's Secret Bust Firming Bra. Don't waste your money, you will just end up with sweaty, smelly b***s.


  6. they so dont work!!if anything start the birth control pill

  7. Do you REALLY think that women would go through getting fake b*****s if those pills/creams/herbs/etc actually worked?!?

    They are scams, only out to get your money.

  8. I have tried a million of those and no, they do not work - they may mess with your hormones though because they have added estrogen or progesterone.  Every woman needs a certain balance - not like what any other woman needs, in order to grow.  One pill could never work for every woman and the amount of hormones and what not in those pills is not enough to cause growth.  There are some birth control pills out there that cause enlargement - like myself and 6 other people on Yaz (NOT Yasmine) have grown a cup size or more within a few months...  So that is probably a better bet than those expensive pills!  

  9. Do you think they work? It's just a scam to get your money. Nothing you can take can make your b*****s bigger besides surgery.

  10. lol enhancement creams aren't good cuz it might deforms your breast due to putting not enough for each must be equal amount if you know what i mean

  11. no it doesn't work, its a waste of money.

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