What is chinen yuri's favourite girl?

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  1. if he likes girls who looks like about marrying yama-chan's sister? XDDD

  2. just like what he/she describes :)

    good good ! <3

    ahaha , can i add a bit more to it ?

    if possible, Yuri would love a girl that can cook gyoza for him .
    of course, he LOVES gyoza a lot ! hounto hounto , uso jyanai.

    hmmm .... what else ? Yuri doesn't really have a type of girl , i don't think he is picky about girls . he just likes girls that are nice, kind, energetic, cheerful, ahahah , as you can read , the girl is exactly the same as Yuri ! XD

    maybe his ideal girl is someone similar to himself : always cheerful & energetic , and someone that can be happy with him & have fun with him :)

  3. chinen yuri does not have a fave girl
    but chinen yuri's ideal girl is a girl with short hair like takaki yuya
    always wer pants not skirts,always wear tennis shoes,black brown hair and personalyty like cute like yamada ryosuke,quik thinker,nice,kind

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