What is chinen yuri's email address?

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  1. And how do you become a member of the Johnny family club ...?

  2. HEY ! be more polite those guest that answer this question .

    at least just say in kind way ! sheesh so mean Guest13166607 .

    but ne ~ * you want to know yuri's email ?

    aahaha , it'll be awesome & cool if we know , huh !!??

    we'll be jumping around yelling "yaaay!!"

    and i don't think i can believe those people that say they are in the johnny's family club . because they cannot just say that they are in johnny's family club, online , i mean it's like private things too, ya know ..

    hello , people have some common sense , try to think harder harder about
    online people , i mean anyone can fake with just typing words .

    and can always go steal pictures and post it onto myspace or whatever ....

    there are so called "stalkers" that take pictures of JUMP at home or their private lives , anyone can find it on the enternet  ... try to think think think  !!! XD

    oh sorry i write a lot ! :P

  3. waz me balo

  4. are asking to uch i cant give you that..only been in Johnny family club you can have Jumps email or they give it to you by blog like chinen did

  5. you are so dumb.! PLEASE give Chinen his privacy okay? he's a celebrity why would you know?!

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