What is The proper protocol for handing down my fathers War Metals ?

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My Dad just past away , And his 5 metals from world war 2 has been givin to a great great grandson .

My father has promised these metals to me and my brother . But i have a problem My sister is in charge of his estate and she told me at his funeral that he promised the metals to My sisters daughters son , My dads great great grandson this will leave my dads kids without these metals and the 2 boys that carry his name will never see them again . My belief is that they should go to his elder son and we always thought that this would happen .

These metals is the only thing that we have to remember our Dad for his service to our country he is a true hero and my whole family wants to hand them down with proper protocol , But we have 1 out his 3 kids that think she should skip asking us what would be proper or looking up any proper protocol .

Anyone have answer

Please help me understand




  1. Medals should always go to a Male member of the Family caring the Heroes Family Name  yes he may be the great grand son but he does not carry the name the protocol is the same as the royal family a the first son is heir then second son then if no more sons then Daughters but when first son has children it goes to the first son and the second son and when the sons have sons that is the correct protocol

    I am the Oldest male in my family and my sisters children's children  do not even know me so they would not appreciate my 6 medals

  2. I have no clue, but I am a fanatic about grammar and spelling...

    PASSED AWAY...he is no longer here, he has PASSED AWAY.

    War Medals. MEDALS!!  Man, if you are going to pawn them off on someone at least have the decency to know they are MEDALS. Your father earned them and they should be respected enough to have the word spelled correctly...MEDALS.

    I could spend eternity telling you how to spell GIVEN, THESE MEDALS ARE THE ONLY THING.

    Keep the d**n things in the family, I would kill my sons from the grave if they gave them to anyone who does not carry our name.

    Edit:  My apologies to all, taking it out on someone because I had a bad day.  Listen son, after 10 years of military service, I have acquired 2 sets of medals and badges for both of my sons, they are not to hard to find online or around your nearest military installation.  Since I have an heir and a spare I just thought it best that they both get everything from my military service, to include my Humanitarian Award, Airborne and Air Assault Wings. The piddly little things like AAMs, ARCOMs and Service Ribbons you can get a dime a dozen at Kmart. If your family had any respect for your father they would pitch in to get all these awards for the whole famn damily and keep the originals for the true heir to the throne.

    That's my two cents worth.

  3. Good news:

    1. Night School has openings

    2, The only medal or ribbon that cannot be purchased is the MOH.

    3. The merchants will sell you as many of each as you want.

    4. Everyone has a set!!!

    5. You can also purchase Flags and display cases till the cows come home.

    You left out the Branch he was in so you can also search for Navy/Marine medals and ribbons.

    If he was Infantry and was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge that was upgraded to a Bronze Star in 1947. If he was in Japan or Germany his DD214 WILL NOT have the Occupation Medal or WWII Victory Medal. both were not authorized until after the war. Most guys that can wear them were out long before they became available, they are retroactive.

    The 2nd link has a description of all medals, just click on it.

  4. This sucks big time. This is why my will is VERY detailed. When my grand-folks died, they didn't have a will directing where the stuff in the house went. It was like a rat race after we planted them. And, d**n Chef, ease up a bit gunny, Most civvies don't know the proper wording, we can educate them but lets not belittle them, they are who we fought for.  

  5. Try this.

    You could make one copy of your faather's photo, one for each sibling.

    Then you could get one set of his medals for each of you.

    Then each one of you siblings could have a little wall hanging with his photo and 'his' medals.

    A US servicemembers gets 'awarded' a medal. He is given his first medal. but as you wear it, they get dirty and tattered. So you buy a new one and wear it on your uniform.

    During my 20 year career, I bought many ribbosn and many medals. Each time one set get dirty, or weathered, I had to replace the set. It is no big deal.


  6. There isn't any proper protocol to speak of. This is a family issue that needs to be delt with through the estates probate lawyer. I feel the same as you, but if your sister is overall incharge of the estate then the only thing you can do is submit a request through the probate court. Be sure to state your reasons and push hard for it. Good luck, sorry to hear about your father Thank you for his faithful service.

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