Criminal History Waivers for joining the USMC?

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I would like to join the USMC but I have criminal history. On my record I have 5 traffic violations, 1 MIP, 1 providing false identification to a police officer and my major on of Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon. The aggravated assault was a college fight where I was defending myself against a person who was trespassing at my house. I plead guilty because of the risk of prison time and I was offered probation. I do have retired high ranking marines that would write me character references as well as many police officers. I am not a bad person or a morally bankrupt criminal. Is there any way that a Criminal History Waiver would be approved for me?




  1. you'll never really know for sure unless you try.

  2. I had a record as long as my arm, all juvenile, but Assault and MIP were both there along with GTA.  They wavered it all, but I had an ASVAB score of 99 and agreed to enlist with an open contract. I was grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to straighten myself out, which I did.  I owe the Marine Corps so much.  Give it a try and don't listen to the guy who said the character references won't matter.  They will.  Just be prepared to have to sign a Morals Waiver as well.  That will bar you from some things, such as joining the officer ranks in the future, but at least you will be in.  Good luck.

  3.   It can be done, but you are going to have a very hard time convincing the USMC that you are able to  overcome personal weaknesses and   that you do not have a total disregard for authority.

      The USMC just did a review of the highest hauses for dropping out. A  criminal background was one of them.


  4. I don't have the regs in front of me or your actual record but the combation of all of those may put you over the top.  The Army may take you but the other forces are a lot more selective.  Just so you know the 5 traffic if they aren't just parking tickets is more than you are allowed then you add all the other stuff and you may not even get to ask for a waiver but all you can do is try.  Go talk to the recruiter for the branch you want to enlist in and disclose EVERYTHING.  If you hide anything at all even a parking ticket they will find it and stop helping you all together.  Seems like you are or were really immature and have no respect for rules and laws and they military will see it that way as well as far as MEPS go.  If you can't deal with following orders 24/7 please find another job.  If you are ready to seriously grow up and stop being a punk for talk to the recruiter and they will do what they can with your multiple offenses.  And Uncle Bob's letter saying you are a good boy play no bearing on enlisting.

  5. No one cares about your character references because your record is a direct reflection of who you are or what company you keep..

    Only some very few waivers are granted and those which are usually will hare a very high ASVAB score and are willing to take a MOS that the USMC needs to fill..

    All you can do is ask a recruiter, but I doubt they will even bother with you..Your a major risk and the USMC is not hurting for bodies..

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