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Ihave a wedding to attend for a minister of my church,Iknow I should not were white.What should I wear but more importantly; What can I get for an African couple(ministers) who was raised in America?Please keep in mind I'm on a tight budget.......Should I go alone being single or should I find a date?....3 questions:What to wear,what to buy and should I go alone?




  1. 1. What to wear? Anything but white or ivory - you can wear a nice long skirt and blouse or you can wear a dress. But it really depends on how formal the wedding is.

    2. What to buy? Check online or ask around about their gift registry. Most couples will register at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy's, etc. If they don't have a registry and you are on a tight budget you could get them a nice wedding photo album or picture frame for their pictures. A few people got us some lovely albums for our wedding.

    3. Should I go alone? Who was the invitation addressed to? Did it say "and guest" on the invitation? Did they send a response card with the invitation - or are you just invited to the ceremony? If you are just invited to the ceremony then I would say you could bring someone, but if you are invited to the reception and asked to RSVP you shouldn't bring a date unless it was addressed that way.  

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