Wedding Anniversary present for my husband - help please?

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It is our 30th wedding anniversary on the 30th September and I have no idea what to get my husband. I posted a similar question on this site a while back and someone came up with the suggestion of a box containing 30 small presents, one for each year of our marriage and I thought that was a lovely idea. I have come up with about 15 so far, some fairly boring like socks and after-shave and some more unusual ones, but I'm still stuck for the rest. Has anyone got any ideas for any presents, bearing in mind that it is for a 56 year old man. Many thanks, heres hoping.




  1. Here's something creative that will be appreciated and you will have fun doing:

    Make up a crossword puzzle and have all the hints be personal inside moments and jokes that only you two would know about. Put it on a poster board and add some clipart and some pictures to it!

    The crossword puzzle could be time consuming and a bit frustrating ... you could do the same idea with a WORDSEARCH or WORDFIND puzzle.

    Put your computer skills to work! Use Excel, get clipart from Yahoo Images Search, copy them, and reformat them, use a gluestick to put on posterboard.

    Use graph paper, and pictures from magazines if you are not as good on the computer, and it will give it a homemade feeling.

  2. I'm 53 and we just had our 28 (the second time we were married) all I wanted was a nice dinner, we went out that way nether of us had to work at it. At my age I have what I want if I don't its because we cant afford it or its just not really needed.

  3. Try and think of some things that will really mean something to him, even silly little things. You've had 30 years together so you must have shared a lot of memories. The presents could be something as small and fun as a tube of his favourite sweets. Perhaps have a nice photograph of your family all together put in a frame for him or make an album. Better still why not get him a digital photo frame and fill it with lovely photos from the past 30 years including ones from your wedding.

    If you're in the UK there's an online service available where you can order a copy of the times newspaper from any day for around 30 pounds, maybe order one from the day you got married?  

  4. Wow! Congratulations! Gosh, i hope mine would last that long..

    I think a nice 30th wedding aniv present for him would be spending quality time and a lovely dinner. I find a very long and good conversation and reminiscing your wonderful memories better than any other gifts there are.  

  5. I am a 56 yo man and my 30th wedding anniversary is next year. But if I wanted a gift from my wife for that occasion, the last thing I would want is a box full of stuff I don't need, and God knows how many uselless gifts I got from her, only because she thought of gifts from her perspective rather than mine. So, think of what he likes, what his hobbies are, etc., and please, please, don't give him 30 useless objects. He'll just smile, say thank you and forget about them a minute later.  

  6. I think 30 memories would have been nice or you can add in a few to supplement what you are missing. 15 gifts or small tokens of appreciation and then 15 memories either written out or typed on paper. Congratulations! have some good gifts, did you put in any movie tickets, or dinner reservations, favorite candies, music....

  7. Bake cookies or cupcakes and use words like love you,or 30th anniversary to decorate them.

  8. Think that 30 is pearls, so that might be a way forward. Or name a star after him celebrating your relationship.


  9. WoW !  congratulations !! i didnt make it to my first anniversary yet, i wonder if i ever get to the 30th !!  Marriage sounds tough   lol

    Well .. if u said what were the first 15 things u thought of i would continue from there .. i'll come back to see the question if u might add more details

    (continue .. )

  10. I sent my husband on a deep sea fishing trip with his brother - I paid for everything.  It was a day long trip and I rented a hotel room the night before and the night after the trip for them.  He had a blast!  I know its unconventional not to be together on your anniversary but you are together all the time.... give him a man-trip and he will love you to death for it!

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