Webb Simpson tries out body scanner

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Webb Simpson tries out body scanner
Webb Simpson is one of those unique golfers who test every single piece of latest technological advancements in golf. Simpson feels that technological advances can help improve one’s game. Simpson has tried various items over the past and the new one which
he has tried is the body scanner.
Body Scanner has special iDXA scanner, which stands for intelligent dual energy X-ray. This scanner gives you pin point results, showing the body composition. This can also help players train in a specific way.
The scanner is being used at different places currently. It is also being used at the Olympics Training Centre. The machine takes up about seven minutes and then gives you the results.
It can also determine the difference between right and left hemispheres, concerning fats and bone health. "Right now my left side is weaker," Simpson said after getting tested last week, at The Barclays.
The first time Webb used this scanner was back in March.
He added, "I'm trying to get my left side stronger. This helps me track how much work we have done. Ideally we want to be equal on each side. I love this. Even knowing my body-fat percentage is great so I can work on that. Only good things can come out of
Greg Dudra, a metabolic health specialist for GE Healthcare says that this machine gives exact symmetry of your body. "The scan gives the player's trainer, and if they have a nutritionist, guidance," Dudra said.
This scanner is not for any specific sport. Instead anybody, from any walk of life, can benefit from this machine.
However, the scanner is ideal for an elite sportsman as it can give precise and accurate results. The best part of this machine is that one can consult their nutritionist after undergoing the scan.  
Simpson feels that working aimlessly in the gym is useless and with the help of the machine, one can determine which muscles to work on.
This machine also saves up one’s time in the gym. By knowing the exact areas to work on, a sportsman can get his work done in less amount of time.
Simpson, who has won three tournaments in last thirteen months, including the US Open, has to deal with the media and sponsors, this takes up his time. So this machine is ideal for him, as it will save up his time immensely.



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