Wang Shixian treads into main round of Women’s Singles event – BWF Superseries Update

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Wang Shixian treads into main round of Women’s Singles event – BWF Superseries Update
Women’s Singles expert Wang Shixian stretched her winning streak in the group stage of BWF Superseries Finals and ensured her presence in the main draw on Friday, December 14, 2012.
She stamped Eriko Hirose of Japan in her last encounter which kept them busy on court for three sets before ending with 21-15, 8-21 and 21-15 margin.              
World Number five Chinese shuttler looked extremely confident in the home ground and locked this honour by winning opening and ending sets.
On the other hand, Eriko could not withstand the pressure of big match and surrendered tamely in local badminton arena of Shenzhen.
Things started becoming worse for her in the first set when Wang Shixian confined her in the rear court by launching an intensive attack.
The third seeded player relished full benefits of her superiority and cruised to victory without any major trouble.
She laid foundation of her dominance straight away in the beginning and finished first half of the set with 11-7 margin.
Wang Shixian did not lose that rhythm in latter part of the game and placed a winning figure of 21-15.
However, there was a big surprise for her in the following set as the young but talented Japanese campaigner showed a transformed character and outclassed her in all departments of game.
This time Eriko changed her tactics and played furiously. She established a strong grip by clinching four consecutive points after 1-3 and then made best out of this initial advantage before the interval.
After the one-minute break, Eriko was everywhere on the court as she did not spare any loophole and confounded her higher ranked competitor with an unbeatable strategy.
She bagged ten out of ending 15 points and served notice of her potential with an impressive knock of 21-8.
After such an emphatic performance, third set was expected to be a nerve-racking contest but it proved a one-sided affair.
Wang Shixian revived her lost form when it was needed the most and managed to save the honour with a laudable effort.
She got into commanding position with 11-5 total and then swept the table with a notable difference in 21-15 score.



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