Swimmers impress at the European SC Swimming Championships 2012 – Part 7

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Swimmers impress at the European SC Swimming Championships 2012 – Part 7
After the impeccable swims of elite swimmers on day two of the 2012 European Short Course Swimming Championships, the audience returned to the arena to witness the swimming splash of third day.
The third day of the tournament featured dazzling efforts of Gregorio Paltrinieri, Aliaksandra Herasimenia, Damir Dugonjic, Katinka Hosszu and Zsuzsanna Jakabos in their respective events.
The opening event of the session was Men’s 1500m freestyle, where Italian swimmer, Paltrinieri devastated hopes of his opponents in the race and touched the wall for gold medal with a timing of 14 minutes and 27.78 seconds.
Paltrinieri remained nearly eleven seconds slower from the European and meet record of 14 minutes and 16.13 seconds, set by Yury Prilukov of Russia in 2006. Similarly, Paltrinieri remained 17.68 seconds away from the world record of 14 minutes and 10.10
seconds, made by Grant Hackett of Australia in 2001.
The Italian veteran remained three body lengths ahead of Sergiy Frolov of Ukraine, who occupied silver medal of the event by reporting a time of 14 minutes and 30.87 seconds.
Similarly, Frolov was followed by Anthony Pannier of France, who was 11.10 seconds behind and secured bronze medal of the race by clocking an effort of 14 minutes and 41.97 seconds.
Pannier remained 1.90 seconds ahead of Polish swimmer, Mateusz Sawrymowicz, who finished his swim in fourth place with a timing of 14 minutes and 43.87 seconds.
Following that, the audience witnessed impeccable efforts of Bulgaria’s Herasimenia, who dominated the semi-final of Women’s 50m backstroke and entered the playoff as top contender for gold medal with an effort of 27.06 seconds.
Her commendable form remained 1.36 seconds slower from the European and world record of Sanja Jovanovic of Croatia, who occupied gold medal of the same event in 25.70 seconds during 2009.
Herasimenia was followed by Kira Toussaint of Netherlands, who stayed just a touch apart and surfaced on the finishing end for second position by producing a time of 27.12 seconds.
Subsequently, the arena witnessed a tough battle for third position between France’s Laure Manaudou and Great Britain’s Lauren Quigley. Both swimmers tried hard to overpower each other over the finishing end by failed to do so and reached the finishing end
with the same timing of 27.19 seconds for third fastest qualification spot.
They were followed by Arianna Barbieri of Italy, who stayed marginally behind and finished his race in fifth place by clocking a time of 27.28 seconds.
Third event of the session was Men’s 50m breaststroke semi-final, where Damir Dugonjic of Slovenia qualified into the final round as top fastest swimmer. The 24-year-old Dugonjic stayed slightly ahead of his closest competitor and paved his way into the
playoff with an effort of 26.52 seconds.
His invincible effort remained 0.38 seconds slower from the meet record of 26.14 seconds, set by Alessandro Terrin of Italy in 2009.
Dugonjic was followed by Florent Manaudou of France and Aleksander Hetland of Norway, who transpired on the finishing end for second place with similar timings of 26.56 seconds.
The duo was traced by Giacomo Perez Dortona of France, who was 0.02 seconds apart and occupied fourth place of the race by posting a time of 26.58 seconds.
Dortona enjoyed an advantage of 0.02 seconds over Fabio Scozzoli of Italy, who posted an effort of 26.60 seconds for fifth place.
To be continued in Part 8.
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