Vincent Kompany is confident that Manchester City are stronger than everyone else in the Champions League

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Vincent Kompany is confident that Manchester City are stronger than everyone else in the Champions League
Manchester City captain and believes that his team are as strong as, if not stronger than every other team in the UEFA Champions League.
City travelled to to take on Villarreal in the tournament last night and went on to pick up a very comfortable win, with the final score reading three goals to nil in favour of the English side.
Yaya Toure found the back of the net on two occasions, while went on to win and convert a penalty for the team. As a result, the team is now sitting in the second spot in Group A and the chances of them qualifying for the next round of the
tournament seem to be pretty high at the moment.
When talking about the game against Villarreal, Kompany is quoted to have said:
“We put in a good shift"
 "We did everything as we planned. We didn’t do anything crazy. But we were patient and it paid off for us.
“In the Champions League, it was defensively our strongest performance and our strikers are lethal on their day. Definitely a great today."
The defender then went on to talk about the various partnerships that had been formed at the club, which were helping them score goals in nearly every game, as he went on to add: “We score goals nearly every game and there are a lot of partnerships. That’s
a good thing. We can change a lot of players and still we don’t lose in strength and that’s important.”
The defender then went on to admit that City just needed to keep their head in the game and continue doing their jobs, the way they are supposed to. Should the team do just that, then they don’t need to worry about facing any team, since they are more than
capable of picking up the three points against just about any opponents.
“We’ve always thought that if we do our job properly we are as strong as anyone.
“We don’t need to look too much at the other teams; it’s a hard group but if we do what we need need to do, we can win any game."
So far this season, City seem to be soaring as the days go by. The team seems to be in no mood of falling down from the top and they way they have been playing, they deserve to be at the top.
However, the Champions League is no walk in the park and City will really have to dig deep, should they want to go all the way in the tournament.



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