Roy Asotasi speaks against occurence of cannonball tackles - Rugby League

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Roy Asotasi speaks against occurrence of cannonball tackles - Rugby League

While talking to media reporters on Monday, October 31, Roy Asotasi, the former captain of New Zealand, stressed upon the need to completely eradicate the occurrence of cannonball tackles from future rugby games.    
Cannon ball tackles have really worried players a great deal because over just two weeks’ time, the occurrence of such dangerous tackles has been reported twice. The first occurrence of the kind dates back to two weeks, when Sam Thaiday of Newcastle, fell
prey to Issac Luke’s dangerous tackle, which had left him with an injured knee. There was no follow up taken by the higher authorities to punish the offender, which could put an end to the string of on-field offences of the kind.
As expected the offender, did not stop there, but had to offer another cannonball tackle only a week from its first occurrence. David Shillington of Kangaroos was left suffering after the dangerous blow from the same offender. The impact was so severe that
the player had feared another knee reconstruction surgery, given that he has gone through the similar procedure twice already.
After escaping the authorities the first time, the second instance has been looked into more seriously. If the player is found guilty, he will be facing severe consequences. He may have to miss out on the weekend’s clash against Wales. 
While talking to the reporters, Asotasi said, "That's up to the officials to have a really good look at international level because it's definitely outlawed in the NRL. Obviously there was a reason it was picked on (by referees) throughout the season. I
can't really say too much about it but it does look like a pretty tough tackle to be on the other end of."
The Australian side is not happy with the redundant nature of the offence which has also angered their coach, Dave Furner, who ended up warning the prop against the occurrence of such tackles and said, "Unless they take a stance against it now we are going
to see it through the tournament. It is more than dangerous, and we saw that with what happened to Shillo."



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