Using plastic bottles to water your plants rentals

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Using plastic bottles to water your plants rentals

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  1. Samuel Peregrine

    Removing the covers of the two bottles of two liters. Use a small nail, a knife or drill to make a small hole in the lid plastic bottle. Replace the cap on the bottle.

    Cut the bottom of the bottle with scissors. Throw the cut end. Be careful, because the edge of the bottle can hurt you.

    Turn the bottle. Bury the end cap on the ground, as close as you can from the base of the plant you want to water. Enough to bury the bottle can be kept stationary.

    Fill the bottle with water. The water will drip slowly into the ground through the hole in the bottle cap. Try it before you go on vacation to see how long the water. The climate and soil affect the duration of the irrigation system.

    Use a pin watering bottles plastic as an alternative to make a hole in the lid. Some of them can AquaSpike of Megagro and Nanny Plant Nanny Stakes. Fill a bottle Plastic water. Place the pin irrigation tip of the bottle. Invert the bottle and bury the stem. The water drip through the spigot to water your plants.

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