Unsecured Credit Cards for Poor Credit for Canadians?

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I went through a bit of a rough patch right when I turned 18, being irresponsible I racked up a killer debt of $30,000 before I turned 19. Since then I haven't charged a thing. I spent 5 years trying to pay it off, but went through a rough patch and forfeited my payments about 3 years ago. Now I've got a good job, and am trying to re-establish my credit rating.

I'm going to have my insurance automatically come off it every month on the 15th and set up my bank account to pay it the next day. And I need it for my PayPal account for a secondary source so I don't have to wait two weeks for any payment I make online to go through from my bank account.

I don't care if it's a 50% interest rate at this point (I'd never carry a balance anyways) even a $300 limit would be fine for now.

Could someone PLEASE give me the link to an UNSECURED credit card for CANADIANS with poor credit?!




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  2. Hi, this is all I could find. Hope it helps. It is a site with credit cards for Canadians only.

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