I want to join United States Navy SEAL, Please answer it

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Hi! I just recently was chosen to be part of a reality show about normal average people going to BUD/s.. <-- I"m Jesse Lewis, Green Boat Crew....

Anyway, Originally I was going to join the Army, I had prepared to Sign the Ranger Contract.. I was eventually going to make an attempt at SF..

I had always wanted to be a SEAL.. So I started thinking I might just go Navy.. When I started thinking about a few things that might stop me from doing so..
1, being Marijuana use.. When I was a kid I used Marijuana a few times, Not sure how many, I"d say it could"ve been over ten, Not really sure..
I made mistakes, I suppose you could say, but are those mistakes actually going to make it imposable for me to become a Navy SEAL if I chose to do so?..

Beyond that, What does the security interview consist of? Is it a polygraph test? (I"ve heard it was)..

And, Last part :) (I promise)
I"m getting Married.. I wanted to be a Master At Arms as my SEAL source rate.. Assuming I do that, will I be deployed? If I"m not doing what I really want to do (SEAL), Then I would at least get to spend some time with the wife..

And, if I decide I would rather be in the Army, there is a Blue to Green program, can I chose my MOS and get signup bonuses and such with that? Say, Could I go Ranger?   (Noone seems to know the answer to that)

Thanks for taking the time to read all this,
                    Jesse Lewis

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  1.   You cannot get security clearance if you have had documented use or admit to using any drugs in the past. You will not become a SEAL without one. DUI's will prevent you from being able to get into the military.

    To get security clearance they check credit, debts, backround check,everything they can find about you. They personally talk to your refferals and ask them to reffer people that know you well and will interview them too, they will find them and grill them. Then they interview you and have a psych eval on you. Most people fail because of their financial situation.

    You will be deployed and will not be abv;e to tell anyone where you are, not even your wife. They will page you and then you have 30 min to get to the Navy Base where you are stationed at then they sent you on a plane and you do not know where you are going. Spec Ops have a high divorce rate. You will be gone alot of the time for training because you will be traveling for that too.

    Ranger is the same exact process and eliminators and takes same amt of time and training without the fancy toys and you do alot more jungle warefare and rucking (hiking 12-16miles with 90-120lbs in your ruck[backpack]). Same security clearance needed. 

    If you get Seal Challenge on your contract or Ranger (called OPT 40) or even just airborne (OPT 4), you will not get cash bonuses, and if you get bonus you wont get any of the contracts.(usually what happens)


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