Is is possible to join the Navy SEALs after i leave the green berets

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if so can i join the Marine Force Recon after the SEALs which would be after the green berets




  1. sure, and then maybe you can become a racecar driver, or a cowboy.

  2. It is possible.

    After your Army enlistment is up, go join the Navy and apply for Seal Training. If you survived Green Beret Training, you might have a chance to make it through h**l Week.

    That would be quite a resume, but I can't understand why a SEAL would move on the Force Recon.

    Before you go read "Lone Survivor" It's about a SEAL who survived a major batttle againt a load of Taliban in Afgahinistan. He tells all about SEAL training in the book. It's a true story BTW.

  3. well the green berets are army you would have to go through a whole different kind of training for the seals or recon i would go to recon just because the jump out of planes so do the seals but still seals jump from higher altitudes then recon

  4. Wow, you sound like Chuck Norris, maybe you should consider joining Delta force and SAS while your at it.

  5. Anything is possible depending on your age and your re-enlistment code. Recruiter would be your best source of info, you may be able to join the Seals but I kinda doubt they'd let you join Marine Recon they'd wonder why... also you'd be getting up in age too.

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