Tigers still looking to sign Yoenis Cespedes – MLB Update 2012

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Tigers still looking to sign Yoenis Cespedes – MLB Update 2012
The Tigers are looking to make a costly move as they wait to sign the 26-year-old Cuban defector, Yoenis Cespedes. The right handed striker has astonishing hitting skills and the Tigers have no choice but to wait now.
Cespedes is residing in the Dominican Republic these days and he is awaiting his free agent status and residency in United States. However, his request might not be approved until the end of next month, when spring training season starts. The Cuban is fast and powerful and his skills could make him the most dynamic stories of 2012 season.
He is one of the only few players in the baseball world, who can single-handedly change the picture of the game. His speed and blistering sprints to the bases is what makes him so special. He also has an astonishing ability to track down difficult balls. When healthy and fit, he could be an asset to any Major League Baseball club. Several MLB teams including Tigers are looking to pay him around $50 million to sign him after his residency issues are sorted out.
“We think he’s a perfect fit for us, but it has to be sane. [We've been] expressing interest, going to visit, making it very clear to his representatives and to him and his family that we think he should not be anywhere other than Miami. As a Cuban and someone in the DR, it makes perfect sense. We have a perfect position for him to play. It would be great,” said Marlins president David Samson in an interview.
The Tigers have been in talks with Cespedes over the last six months and they are waiting anxiously to sign him on. The defection is thoroughly strategic and Cespedes is expected to reap the rewards once his application is approved.
It is pretty clear now, why he did not choose to seek political asylum in the US as his market value would have been restricted to a college and high school level player. However, once he is a US resident, he will have the chance to earn big money by choosing the clubs of his own choice.



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