The worst company to work for is

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The worst company to work for is? i have been working in this company for the last six years and my boss is never happy. The way she is, due to habit or on purpose, She always yells and looks down on everyone. I think there is no other company where the working conditions are this bad. Can i hear from others who are going through the same situation at their work. Let's see how bad is your boss and the company. You don't have to disclose the name of the company you work for.

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  1. The worst company to work for is in New York USA:

    My boss’s insecurity prevented him from trusting others.  he worked to control us all day, severing our creativity and motivation. Many ended up burning and, like me, walking away of that institution. there is nothing worse than working for someone who believes that being your boss and paying your salary is a license to upset you. This attitude reflects a profound ignorance and lack of self-knowledge. believe that respect myself not keep holding means according to attitudes and behaviors.  My boss and his company would be first on the list of 100 worst companies in the world.

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