What made Scott DeLong site grow so fast

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What made Scott DeLong site grow so fast? It is a dream of any startup founder to get viral momentum for their site and they work at it day in day out. Hoping, one day their site be overwhelmed by the viral traffic. The word of mouth will spread them to all corners of the world and their bank account will have too much money to hold.

Viral spread does that and that is exactly what made made Scott DeLong site grow so fast but what is next. He was in the market to sell his site, which is considered a cash cow. What is the real reason for him selling? why does he want to sell when it is already making really good money? These are some of the questions on everyone's mind.

In my opinion, his site got big because of the spread on social networks.
He didn't care about search engines and focused his attention on FB
He created headlines which forced people to click.
He has the word viral in the domain name, gets people to think the headline is viral before even they click on it
Media is covering it

At the end, i think Scott DeLong in the market to sell his site is just a marketing trick that gets more coverage and more people to the site.

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  1. I think the answer is that he hand-picks only the most astonishing stories from the web and also puts a related image/images in to the story.

    Next thing is that he dont use comments on the site, he wants the discussion to get going on facebook.

    Even if you took all the secret ingredients in his recipe, you will probably not come as far as Scott Delong but you can surely learn a thing or two as this guy knows what he's doing when it comes to build websites.



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