The Xbox 720 will be named after a settlement in Spain? – rumour

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The word on the internet is that the next generation home console from Microsoft will be named ‘Durango’ for some odd reason.
As we here at mention time and time again, the number of rumours one will hear about the next generation of video game consoles are going to increase exponentially between now and the Electronic Entertainment Expo.
We have heard everything from how Microsoft have changed the head of their entertainment division to the news that the Xbox 720 will have two models on release day; one of which is aimed at catering to the casual gamer market and will use the Kinect as its primary means of control.
At the same time a patent found on the internet also showed that the Xbox 720 could also be a Digital Video Recorder along with being a gaming console. The specifications have also been ‘leaked’ if one was to believe the internet.
While one cannot comment on how true or false each rumour is the fact of the matter is that the attention they received and the sources from which they originated make them highly probable to turn out true.
So if one was to believe the rumour based on its source then in that case doubting what the popular video game news site, Kotaku, is reporting, Microsoft’s next video game console will not be called the Xbox 720 but rather the Durango.
Whether one wants to believe it is inspired by the model of cars that Ford or Dodge has put out over the years or whether it’s named after a Mexican Naval ship, is up to them, but it seems that from now on, the new term for the Xbox 720 is the Xbox Durango.
However, it would be important to point out at this point in time, that this may not be the final or official name of the product, but rather just a temporary name until it is official release; much like how the PlayStation Vita was dubbed the Next Generation Console before its official unveiling.
One can expect plenty more news and speculation to make their way onto the headlines of numerous internet websites over the next few months and we will be here to bring you the best of those stories.



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